What Is Cremation?

Cremation is a centuries-old method of dealing with a loved one's passing, which involves burning their remains into fine ashes. The deceased is placed in a casket, as with a burial. Nevertheless, the casket is placed into a cremation chamber instead of burying it in the earth. There, fire temperatures can rise to 1,800 Fahrenheit or 1,400 Celsius. The entire cremation process usually takes about two or two and a half hours, at which point the heat either evaporates or consumes all the organic matter inserted in the chamber. That remains is the fragments of the bone. Such substance is generally said to be the remains of the cremation. These are then removed from the chamber carefully. As the deceased enters the chamber fully clothed, through the use of a magnet, the remains are sifted to remove any metal. The metal will then be disposed properly and in an approved manner. Many family members want to watch the actual cremation. Most crematoria are happy to accommodate such request, but to make sure that this option is available, you must speak to the providers before selecting a venue.

What Happens to the Cremated Remains?

The cremated remains, or ashes, are moved to a temporary container for the first time. Every crematorium has its own use. It then inserts this container into an urn. The type of urn used is decided by the deceased's family. There are numerous options to choose from today, so you'll be able to find an urn that you believe is best suited to yourself or the loved one that has passed away (you may want to decide on an urn now if you're talking about cremation). Before the process, however, you should talk to your cremation provider about the urn. For obvious reasons, the size of an urn is extremely important, but they will know which one makes the most sense and you will still have a number of choices to choose from. The results of the procedure are then put through a process to ensure that the cremated remains you collect are a fine powder. By doing so, you get the ashes with a powdery texture. From the beginning to the end, the whole process takes just about three hours when the ashes are placed into the urn. You don’t have to worry about the remains of the deceased as they are carefully labelled the entire time. So you can rest assured the urn you receive will have your loved one’s cremated remains inside.

When Can Cremation Occur?

Cremation is usually an immediate option to handle the deceased's body. It is a totally irrevocable procedure, however, unlike a funeral, meaning that there are sometimes delays before the officials sign off on the event of cremation. If the individual died under mysterious circumstances, for example, or other extenuating details are involved, the process may be stalled. That said, if it was the deceased's expressed desire to be cremated, it is usually just a matter of time before their decision is honored.

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Interested in Affordable Cremation Service?

Sacred Space Cremation and Burial Society specializes in direct cremations and burials for veterans, all service members and their families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  We maintain relationships with several churches and community centers that can be used for a traditional gathering. Our prices are reasonable, family-friendly and offer tremendous value.  Contact us today for more information on how we can provide an affordable cremation service or your loved ones. Call us anytime at (408) 863-2513.

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