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Memorial Services in 2020

A memorial service is a ceremony to commemorate someone who died after the body was buried or cremated. Memorial services may take place at any time after death, from one week to one year.

Memorial Service vs. Funeral

The biggest difference between a traditional funeral service and a memorial service is that the body is not present at a memorial service in a casket. However, an urn with the ashes of a loved one may be present at a memorial service. Both traditional funeral services and memorial services are structured, and both bring the community together in support and remembrance. But the traditional funeral service is much more structured and formal. Traditional funeral service is often associated with religion, and is often conducted by a member of the clergy, while a memorial service is conducted by a celebrant or a master of ceremonies.Memorial services often allow for each guest to participate to some level, where guests of a traditional funeral are really just there to observe and reflect.

Memorial Service vs. Celebration of Life
A celebration of life is an event that truly celebrates the passions of a loved one, intellectual pursuits, personality, and personal accomplishments. A celebration of life can have no structure at all, and it can be anything you want.

A memorial service could best be described as a gentle mix of traditional funerals and celebrations of life. The memorial service has some structure, but it still allows you the flexibility to make the ceremony unique and personalized to suit the individual being honored. Also, the mood generally lies somewhere in the middle of a completely somber and festive atmosphere.

Memorial Service Location
Memorial services may be held at any location. Many people choose locations of personal importance, such as a favorite beach, park, or family home, or locations that can accommodate a large group of people, such as a religious place of worship, a favorite restaurant, a banquet hall, or other event space.

If you follow any religious traditions, you may want to hold a memorial service at your place of worship. The religious leaders there can help you plan and coordinate your memorial service.

Memorial Service Features

There is no formal structure for a memorial service. As with traditional funerals, people can participate in memorial service in a variety of ways, including readings or prayers, singing songs or playing musical instruments, or sharing the memory of the person who died. If you are going to have a religious service, there may be a religious structure that you will follow.

Post-Memorial Service Reception

After a memorial service, it is common to have a reception that can be held at a funeral home, a religious place of worship, a family home, or another place that can accommodate all those who attended the service.

When To Hold The Memorial Service

Memorial services may be provided at any time that is convenient or significant to you. Many people hold memorial services in the weeks following their death, as well as memorial services on the first anniversary of their death.

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Interested in a Memorial Service for Your Loved One?

Just like a funeral service, a memorial service is a time to remember your loved one. This can be held shortly after death or weeks later, with or without an urn present. What’s important is that it creates a time and a place for family and friends to gather together and support one another, share memories and pay their respects. We can hold a memorial service at our funeral home, the final resting place or at your home, or in a location of your choosing - all while following COVID 19 safety precautions and keeping everyone safe.  Contact us today for more information on how we can provide a memorial service to honor your loved ones. Call us anytime at (408) 863-2513.      

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