End-of-Life Arrangements for Funeral and Cremation in Milpitas, CA

The environment at Sacred Space Memorial offers compassionate funeral and cremation services designed to be supportive of the family's needs. We have provided personalized end-of-life care plans without imposed boundaries. This allows families in Milpitas, CA to make final arrangements in our facilities which are spacious enough for all those who wish them well on this journey. Feel free to visit our facilities or call us at (408) 863-2513.

Planning a funeral and cremation in Milpitas, CA, can feel overwhelming. After you have just found out about a death in the family, the last thing you want to do is make dozens of permanent decisions over the course of a few days. Finding a trusted funeral service with a top-notch planning staff can relieve so much stress from an already tragic situation.

Milpitas CA Funeral Home And Cremations

A Variety of Services for Funeral and Cremation in Milpitas, CA

Your loved one’s funeral services can look any way you want them to, with multiple options for honoring the deceased’s life. Choose the services a la carte or bundle them in a full-service package.

  • Visitation or Viewing: Invite friends and family to visit the casket and pay their final respects. A viewing or visitation is open-casket optional in an intimate setting with the family nearby, available for those in attendance to offer condolences. Make the event private and small if you choose.
  • Funeral or Memorial Service: A funeral and memorial are similar services, with a memorial not including the casket at the ceremony. A memorial is often paired with cremation or held weeks after burial. You can choose friends and family to share the eulogy, a life sketch, and offer a poem or musical performance.
  • Graveside Ceremony: At the cemetery, your loved ones give their final goodbyes as the casket is lowered into the ground. This event offers closure and solace to those who try to attend. It also introduces the gravesite, where anyone will be able to come back and visit.
  • Scattering of the Ashes Ceremony: After cremation, family members may choose to gather at a place in the cemetery to scatter the ashes. You can ask individuals to offer words of comfort or share memories from the deceased’s life.
  • Direct Cremation: If you would like a respectable way to lay a loved one to rest that is affordable, direct cremation is an excellent option. The standalone service does not come with a gathering service and is the perfect simple solution for many families.
  • Life Celebration: Modernize your end-of-life service with a life celebration. Pick an outdoor venue to play music, serve delicious food, and catch up with your family members. Celebrate your loved one’s life by sharing memories and recognizing their legacy.

If you think your funeral or memorial service must look a certain way, think again. You are free to plan whatever you believe the deceased would have wanted.

Veteran Services and Military Honors

No matter which service you choose for funeral and cremation in Milpitas, CA, be sure to implement traditions surrounding military honors and veteran services for those who qualify. Our team is familiar with the paperwork needed to secure your benefits.

Make your loved one’s day special by playing the Taps at the graveside ceremony and burial with the flag. Allow time for musical numbers or a written tribute to the deceased’s life of service.

Pre-Planning Funeral Services

If you get started on funeral or cremation plans now, you will not have to worry about all the stress after your loved one has passed away. Our team is available at any time to start planning. In addition, choose to make plans for your own funeral that may be decades away. We can transfer the plans to any location if circumstances are to change.

Write down your preferences for cremation or burial, permanent memorialization, musical numbers, theme funerals, and more. Your loved ones will be thrilled that they have your blessing on the sequence of memorial events.

Permanent Memorialization Options

While planning, you will have the opportunity to choose a grave marker, casket, urn, or monument that will represent your loved one for generations to come. Meet with our team to learn about thoughtful personalization's to choose funeral products that are unique and endearing. Then your loved ones can always have a symbol to remember them by.

Contact a Funeral Home You Can Trust

Do not worry about funeral and cremation arrangements in Milpitas, CA, when you have Sacred Space Memorial by your side. Instead, give us a visit at 175 Bernal Rd Ste 100-14, San Jose, CA 95119. Our attentive staff will learn about the deceased’s life story and implement details that will reflect a beautiful life. Call (408) 863-2513 to start funeral or cremation arrangements.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

How do I get a flag for Veterans burial?

One way is to make a request over the phone to the Veteran's Affairs department. Buying a flag from a store that specializes in flags for Veteran burials is an additional option. Finally, flags may be available for Veteran burials at select cemeteries or funeral homes.

What are cemetery listings?

A cemetery listing is a form of public record that includes a list of the names and graves of those who are interred there. Both genealogical research and knowing the history of a particular town may benefit from this information. Cemetery listings frequently include other vital details about the deceased, like their birth and death dates.

Is it a good idea to pre-plan your funeral?

It is always a good idea to make plans in advance for funeral, regardless of whether you decide to pay for a funeral in advance or not. Your family will fully comprehend what you desire if you do it this way. One of their most stressful days will not require them to make any difficult decisions. Instead, they could console one another while they lament their loss.