Immediate Need Planning for Funeral and Cremation in San Jose, CA

We at Sacred Space Memorial believe that every person's final days should be spent in a sacred space, free from the confines of traditional funeral homes. We offer personalized end-of-life care and planning without boundaries or constraints which allow families in San Jose, CA more time to make decisions about how they want their loved one celebrated during this challenging period. Our facilities are designed with you -the family member in mind, providing both solace and celebrating your memories. For immediate need, feel free to call us at (408) 863-2513.

Finding out about the death of a loved one can be debilitating news, and then you are expected to dive right into funeral and cremation planning in San Jose, CA. Do not worry – it is normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed. That is where our team comes in to carry the load for you. We will work around the clock to ensure your end-of-life services are special and memorable for all those in attendance.

San Jose CA Funeral Home And Cremations

No one is experienced or familiar with the funeral planning process since you are only required to plan a funeral a couple of times throughout your lifetime. But our planning team is very experienced, knowing how to iron out the details in record time. Use our expertise to ease your worries and make all arrangements specific to the deceased. We serve families of all backgrounds, including plans for Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, and Hispanic Religious Services.

Funeral and Cremation Options in San Jose, CA

You may remember attending funeral services, assuming there is only one way to memorialize a loved one. The truth is you can make end-of-life services whatever you want them to be. Browse through the list of options and choose what would work best for the deceased.

  • Direct Cremation: As a low-cost cremation, direct cremation is the service alone without an accompanying public gathering. Your family can give your final goodbyes and come home with the ashes of your loved one.
  • Cremation with a Memorial Service: Just because you choose cremation does not mean you have to skip a gathering service. A memorial looks similar to a funeral, except the casket is not displayed at the ceremony. You can plan a memorial weeks after the cremation has been performed to accommodate your family’s schedules.
  • Scattering of Ashes Ceremony: Choose a place in the cemetery to scatter your loved one’s ashes and say a few words to honor their life. This ceremony can be as intimate or extensive as you desire. You can even hold the ceremony at a park or vacation spot that is special to your family.
  • Viewing or Visitation: In this open-casket optional event, loved ones get a chance to visit the casket and offer condolences to the immediate family. Many find this open house service to be a much-needed opportunity to bond with others over your shared loss.
  • Funeral Service: Display flowers, play musical selections, and listen to the eulogy as the funeral continues. Funerals are essential for friends and family to gain closure on such a terrible loss in the family.
  • Graveside Ceremony: Travel to the cemetery to watch the casket lowered into the ground. You can share a few words and bond over saying goodbye to such a special person in your life. Place flowers on the casket and know that the deceased is surrounded by love.
  • Life Celebration: In this modern format for honoring the life of your loved one, you can throw a party to focus on the good. Choose an outdoor venue, play music, wear their favorite sports team jerseys, and catch up with old friends. Saying a final goodbye to a beloved family member can be shocking and excruciating, but it can also be lighthearted and joyful to remember the life they built.

All services are customizable, whether you want to include themes, highlight the deceased’s talents, or serve their favorite foods. In addition, our funeral planning team can implement military honors or veteran services into any funeral and cremation in San Jose, CA.

Permanent Memorialization Options

How do you plan to memorialize your loved one? Whether you choose an urn of ashes to display in your home or a monument that stands out at the cemetery, make it unique to your family. For generations, family members will visit the cemetery to view the portrait grave marker or the memorial bench that you picked out. This is your opportunity to add to the deceased legacy by choosing meaningful funeral products.

Pre-Planning Funeral Services

Are you worried about planning a funeral or memorial in the days following the death of a loved one? If you have an aging loved one or are considering pre-planning for your own funeral, you can start now. Our team will take details about your preferences for funeral or cremation, casket or urn, monument or flush grave marker, and more. Your family will be so grateful that you took the time to record your wishes.

Contact Sacred Space Memorial

Whether you need an urgent funeral and cremation in San Jose, CA, or are ready for pre-planning funeral services, our team at Sacred Space Memorial can help. Visit our facility for a tour at 175 Bernal Rd Ste 100-14, San Jose, CA 95119. You can see how the home is warm and acts as a second home to families who plan services here. Call (408) 863-2513 to chat with a member of the staff about your needs.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

How do you honor a loved one?

Making a memorial is one way to pay tribute to a loved one. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as by erecting a monument or plaque in their memory or a tree or garden in their honor.

How do you personalize a funeral?

The greatest approach to personalize a funeral will rely on the wishes of the departed and their family among the various options available. Choosing specific readings, music, or eulogies, as well as choosing important symbols or mementos to exhibit, are some typical methods to personalize a funeral.

Is cremation considered funeral?

Although cremation is not typically thought of as a component of a funeral, it can be incorporated into the service. The ashes from the cremation might be spread or buried in a cemetery either before or after the funeral service.