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Using our online planner

Using our online planner

You can begin your planning online using our convenient online planner. This tool will guide you through the process and will allow you to save your choices and complete it at a later time. 

The planner will allow you to fund your arrangement if you choose. We encourage that, however if you have questions about your selections and feel more comfortable making payments after you speak with one of our planning experts, that's fine too.

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Frequently Asked Questions about planning online

Can I make immediate arrangements? Or is it only for planning in advance?Yes, the online planner allows for planning of immediate need (a death has occurred), imminent need (a death is expected soon), or for planning ahead. The online planner will guide you through the right process based on your need and situation.Can I pay and do the entire process completely online?Yes, and many families we serve do just that. However, if you choose to simply use the online planner to go through the planning process and make the selections that are best for you and your family, it is not required that you make the payment immediately. The online planer will always save your selections and you can return to make payments at any time. You can also contact us directly to make payments.