Local Veterans Cemeteries

Many private cemeteries will offer special sections for veteran interments at a great cost to you and your family.Many families are unaware of the local National and State Cemeteries in our area that are dedicated exclusively eligible veterans and their spouses and are offered as a part of the veterans burial benefit.

  • San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery

    The first phase of the cemetery, 105 acres began July 15th 1990. San Joaquin Valley Nationals Cemetery is the sixth in the state and 114th in the National Cemetery Administration. The Romero Ranch Company donated the land for the cemetery to the Department of Veterans Affairs on Feb. 3, 1989. The California Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated Aug. 1, 1989. The memorial is a composition of 16 individual granite five-foot monoliths arranged to form a circle. Each monolith contains the names of 2,495 Californians who gave their life fighting in the Korean War. Other notable Memorials include the 11th Airborne Memorial and the Submariners Memorial.

    • Address 32053 West McCabe Rd Santa Nella, CA 95322
    • Telephone (209) 854-1040
  • Sacramento Valley National Cemetery

    Sacramento Valley National Cemetery was opened for burials in 2006 and was formerly dedicated April 22, 2007. It is the seventh national cemetery built in California and the 124th in the national cemetery system. The site, where the cemetery was built, was used as farmland from the 1860’s, up to the time it was acquired by the NCA. Sacramento Valley National Cemetery features a memorial pathway lined with a variety of memorials that honor America’s veterans. As of 2016, there are 7 memorials here.

  • California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery

    The California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery is the third Veterans Cemetery, joining the Northern CA Veterans Cemetery and the Yountville Veterans Cemetery near Napa. Phase one of construction began March 2015 with the opening of the cemetery late in 2016. Unlike National Cemeteries, there is an interment fee required for dependents of eligible veterans. This is a one-time charge for opening and closing of the interment site. Both National and State cemeteries encourage application for eligibility determination, in advance of need. State cemeteries require the completed application form, along with a copy of the veteran’s discharge or separation document (clearly showing the character of the discharge) and if applicable, copies of a veterans’s marriage certificate and death certificate. Same sex couples are eligible for burial in California’s state veterans cemeteries, provided at least one spouse is an eligible veteran.

    • Address 2900 Parker Flats Rd Seaside, CA 93955
    • Telephone (831) 393-9371