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A better way to buy and sell cemetery plots and spaces.

What are Cemetery Listings and Why You Should Know About Them

What are Cemetery Listings and Why You Should Know About Them

There is a better way to purchase cemetery property.  Cemetery property has value, and, just like other types of property, it can be sold by the owner.

There are a number of reasons why people sell their cemetery property.  Some have inherited the property, and don’t plan to ever use it.  In other cases, the property has been purchased and the owner has relocated.  Many Veterans have bought cemetery property and have now discovered they can be buried at no charge in one of the new, local, National or State Veterans Cemeteries.  Others have simply decided that they now want cremation.

Whatever the reason, the property is now available, at a far lower price, than what it would cost to deal directly with the cemetery. And the best part, these are nearly always premier locations in the cemetery.

What makes a cemetery space premier?  It is all about the committal and visitation experience.  Key questions are, is the property easy to find?  Is the property easy to get to?  Our properties were typically selected by proactive buyers, choosing the best sites, while they were still in pre-construction stages.  Some properties are on steep slopes, far from parking. We will help you to make the smart choice.

It is nearly impossible to sell cemetery property by oneself, especially if the owner has relocated.  Much like real estate, the property must be shown to the prospective purchaser. Some properties must be shown multiple times before a match can be found. Then, ownership must be transferred, from owner to seller, at the cemetery office.

We make this process simple.  In very simple steps, we gather the necessary documents, from the seller, to be able to transfer ownership directly to buyers, even if their need for the property is immediate. (Property can be purchased in advance of need as well.)

We use a unique tool called CemLS, (Cemetery Listing Service,) to list our available properties for sale.  This tool allows buyers to search available inventory in a very modern, and private way.  Clear descriptions are written about the property, then can be viewed, along with the property itself, using GPS technology.  You can zoom right in on the spaces to get the best idea of what you are buying.

Once a site is chosen, the buyer simply emails us with a listing-number and we schedule a park tour.

Because we also operate a very modern funeral establishment, many of our sellers have been able to sell their property and pay for cremation plans in full.  Others have been able to use both our cemetery listing service, and our Funeral Establishment to save upwards of 50% on their entire final expense purchase.

If you are interested in listing your cemetery property, just give us a call at 1-408-863-2513 or use our contact form

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